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Damaged, Color/Sized Issue, Wrong Product etc..


  1. Fill here the order id for which you wish to raise return/exchange request on
  2. Enter here the amount you paid for buying product(s) (including COD), which you wish to return/exchange now
  3. Select the date on which you purchased product, which you wish to return/exchange now
  4. Select here whether you want to return the product you purchased or want replacement/exchange for the same
  5. Select appropriate reason from given options and forward us your request for return/replacement/exchange
  6. Describe here as to what exactly led you to raise a request for product return/replacement/exchange
  7. Upload here image/video files to let us know/help us understand what you received from and what you are going to return to pickup partner.


  1. For every return, buyer needs to upload at least two images on (or send images/video via email if asked by website), as described below, after which it will initiate the process of product return:

Guideline for Image 1:- Upload one clear image of product you received

Guideline for Image 2:- Upload one clear image of product you are going to handover to the person, assigned for product pickup from address it was delivered to

  1. Please also note that it takes at least 3 days to refund your money, once your return request is approved and after successful pickup of product by courier partner.
  2. All product returns will be handled as per website’s returns policy.


To be able to stop/prevent any kind fraudulent activity(s) on its website, may seek a buyer’s personal identity card(s)/address proof(s) (e.g., Buyer’s Aadhaar – as issued by UIDAI, and/or as prescribed by the website), under certain circumstances of product(s) returns only.